Hello, I am Laura - I am a freelance product manager based in Munich, Germany.

I am a globetrotter, humanitarian, entrepreneurial Swiss-German, that loves to create value in any way possible. I am an avid believer in human-centered product development, deeply enjoy learning about the problems, needs and emotions of users and using these insights to create products that enrich the users’ lives.

I have worked on projects in customer success, digital healthcare, inventory management, supply chain management, payment systems and point of sales, social innovation and event management in Germany, Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda and India. I enjoy collaboration, analog and digital experimentation, and learning about new tools and approaches to continue enhancing my design process.

As I have a background in environmental technology and development studies, I am trying to combine this expertise with my passion for product management whenever possible. I have worked in several international development projects centered around different topics from sustainability to gender.

Outside of my work I am involved with several local and international initiatives and networks, such as for example the Global Shapers Community, Climate Reality Leaders and PANDA – the women leadership network.

For more details on my experiences, head to my projects page or check out my LinkedIn Profile.

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